Thursday Italian Course through cinema: The Eight Mountains

The Italian Course Through Cinema will begin on Thursday 25th May at 7:15 pm, and is perfect for intermediate to strong-intermediate level Italian students who are passionate about Italian cinema and seeking to improve their fluency. The course will be conducted online through Zoom, and students are advised to download the platform before the course begins.

Italian course through cinema

Lessons will take place every Thursday for 5 weeks, with the final lesson on Thursday 22nd June. The course will be conducted entirely in Italian, and is limited to a maximum of 6 students. All course materials will be provided by the teacher.

Alternatively, students can choose to join the course on Wednesday at 5:30 pm. The first 6 students to enroll in the course will receive two free tickets to watch a movie at one of the Picturehouse cinemas in the UK.

During the course, students will watch scenes from “Le Otto Montagne” and participate in guided discussions on plot, characters, themes, and issues raised by the movie. New vocabulary and idiomatic expressions will be highlighted to help expand students’ vocabulary, and each lesson will focus on a different aspect of Italian grammar.

Ultimately, the course aims to provide a fun way for students to practice and revise their language skills while watching Italian movies. By the end of the course, students will be able to understand complex texts, interact fluently and spontaneously with native speakers, and produce clear, detailed texts on a wide range of subjects while being able to explain viewpoints on topical issues. So why not join us and start speaking Italian today!

Conversational Italian classes

How much are Italian lessons?

We aim to price our classes as fairly as possible. We also try to balance class sizes to ensure that students have the best opportunity to learn. We have found that the ideal number of students in a class is 8 students.

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